Saturday, February 27, 2010

Behind The Scenes With The U.S Military In Haiti: Gallery

SUNRISE AT GTMO: Guantanamo Bay, CUBA — The sun rises on Jan. 23, 2010, over a modified Boeing 747 cargo plane (background) while an MH-53 Super Stallion heavy-lift U.S. Navy helicopter sits on the flight line. With Haiti's one jet-capable airstrip operating well over capacity, Guantanamo Bay Naval Air Station is the major staging point for humanitarian aid bound for Haiti by way of Cuba. Several cargo planes such as this 747 arrive daily, unloading pallets of aid that are then loaded onto helicopters (such as the Super Stallion, with a 17,000-pound cargo capacity) and carrier-capable aircraft to be flown to one of several ships staged just off of Haiti's coastline.

From Popular Mechanics:

The NGOs and disaster-relief teams might have stolen the spotlight in the battle for survival in post-quake Haiti, but behind most of the aid was a massive U.S. military backbone. Here is a behind-the-scenes photo gallery of the U.S. military effort.

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My Comment: These men and women are making a difference.

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