Sunday, February 28, 2010

A Changing Of The Guard In Colombia's Presidential Politics

Colombian President Alvaro Uribe

Colombia Election Race Starts, Santos Favored -- Reuters

BOGOTA (Reuters) - The race for Colombia's presidency began Saturday, with former defense minister Juan Manuel Santos the favorite after the South American nation's popular incumbent was blocked from running for a third term.

The Constitutional Court's decision to bar a referendum on re-election heralds an end to President Alvaro Uribe's eight-year rule, during which the U.S. ally beat back left-wing guerrillas, stabilized the economy and drew investors.

With Colombian politics fixated for more than a year on the re-election issue, and polls showing Uribe would have won easily if allowed to run, Friday's ruling represented a starting gun for other presidential aspirants.

"The campaign kicks off," leading daily El Tiempo said.

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