Friday, February 26, 2010

IEDs Are Also Dangerous For The Taliban

The Taliban's IEDs killed 48 British troops last year.
Photo from The Independent

Taliban Blown up By Own Bombs -- The Sun

TALIBAN killers have blown themselves up laying booby-trap bombs, we can reveal.

Up to 20 are thought to have died planting Improvised Explosive Devices.

They were racing to plant the IEDs before the Allied offensive Operation Moshtarak. The triggers on the IEDs have become so sensitive the terrorists are accidentally detonating them as they hide them.

Last night a highly-placed source said: "The Taliban know only too well how effective the IED has proved to be.

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My Comment: I confess .... my tears are crocodile tears.

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Mark said...

Poor Taliban hehe ;) *big croco tears*