Friday, February 26, 2010

Is Sec. Of State Clinton About To Mediate The Falklands Dispute?

Lack of support: Barack Obama and his wife Michelle at a ceremony at the White House last night. America has not offered its support to the UK in the Falklands oil drilling row

Hillary Clinton Steps Into Falklands Row After 'Feeble' Obama Fails To Back Britain In Stand-Off With Argentina -- The Daily Mail

* Hillary Clinton 'prepared to mediate' in Falklands row
* Spanish oil company to drill near Falklands

U.S. secretary of state Hillary Clinton is due to meet with Argentina's president amid accusations of a snub to Britain over America's refusal to support the UK in the Falklands oil drilling row.

Mrs Clinton is to meet Cristina Ferndandez de Kirchner in Uruguay on March 1, Argentina's ambassador to the U.S. has announced.

Hopes are high in Argentina that Mrs Clinton will intervene on the country's behalf in the row with Britain over the disputed territory.

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My Comment: Mediate what? The British surrender of the Falklands. With allies like this .... who needs enemies.

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