Sunday, February 28, 2010

Is There A Morale Crisis In The British Army?

Photo: Sir David Richards has said cuts are damaging soldiers' morale. Photo from Press Association.

Top General Says Afghanistan Army In Morale Crisis -- Times Online

THE head of the army has warned that British troops are facing a crisis of deteriorating morale on the home front that risks undermining the war in Afghanistan.

In a confidential draft memo prepared for ministers, General Sir David Richards, chief of the general staff (CGS), said that recent cuts to the defence budget are having a “cumulative and corrosive effect on our soldiers and their families”.

Cuts to housing, shortages of training equipment and even the cancellation of sports events between soldiers’ tours of duty were making them and their families feel “undervalued”, the army chief wrote.

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My Comment: It is not only the budget cuts that is undermining morale, it is the lack of leadership and willingness to sacrifice from the PM on down .... that is hurting morale. Couple that with funding being freely administered to Al Qaeda preachers and supporters while British soldiers have problems obtaining financial support for their injuries and disabilities .... one should not be surprised that morale is in the gutter. Hell .... I am depressed just writing about this.

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