Friday, February 26, 2010

World News Briefs -- February 26, 2010 (Evening Edition)

Taliban Kill At Least 17 In Kabul -- Wall Street Journal

KABUL—Taliban gunmen and suicide bombers attacked a major hotel and two guesthouses in the Afghan capital, killing at least 17 people and showing the group remains a potent force despite a string of recent setbacks.

The dead included Indian Army officers, a noted French filmmaker and an Italian diplomat who was slain in his room after phoning information about the assailants to officials.

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U.A.E. taps Washington for help in probe of Hamas assassination.

Iraq to reinstate 20,000 Saddam-era army officers.

Iran, Syria mock U.S. policy; Ahmadinejad speaks of Israel's 'annihilation'.

Sectarian tensions rise before Iraq elections.

Will the UN put off the Goldstone report another five months?

More clashes over Israeli claim to shrine.

Jundallah arrest proves timely for Iran.


Former Thai leader guilty of abusing power for gain.

Cynicism in both India and Pakistan after talks.

At new Bagram prison in Afghanistan, some inmates buoyant.

Myanmar denies dissident’s appeal for freedom. Aung San Suu Kyi appeal rejected by Burma court.


France's belated Mea Culpa on Rwanda.

Algeria police chief shot dead at force headquarters.

Egypt's Mohamed ElBaradei creates National Front for change.

Niger: A coup for democracy?

After Yar'Adua return, Nigeria wonders when he'll take power. Nigeria's Goodluck Jonathan 'is acting president'.

Somali pirates release Singaporean ship for cash.

UN deplores Gaddafi call for anti-Swiss 'jihad'.

On visit to Rwanda, Sarkozy admits ‘grave errors’ in 1994 genocide.


Switzerland plays down Qaddafi’s calls for ‘Jihad’.

U.K. publishes
New Ukrainian President touts domestic reforms, non-aligned foreign policy.

European Union pushes cuts for indebted countries.

Greek PM says worst fears confirmed on economy.


Ousted Honduran leader calls charges persecution.

Olympic wire ....

Argentina seeks US backing in dispute with Britain over the Falklands.

Venezuela annuls election of anti-Chavez mayor.

Dissident's funeral spurs crackdown in Cuba.


US House Leaders stop vote to ban degrading treatment.

U.S. law aimed at terrorists may go too far on free speech (Commentary).

Freed French hostage speaks of al-Qaeda ordeal in Mali.

US drone kills top al-Qaeda operative in Pakistan.


In Greece’s crisis, Fed studies Wall St.’s activities.

Clinton says U.S. deficit now a security issue.

US senator warns of ‘financial meltdown’ risk.

Euro in danger as the Greek crisis deepens and Merkel admits currency is at risk.

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