Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Afghanistan's Top General Has Declared War Against Junk Food

Fast food in Afghanistan: This is the equivalent of a military flatpack. Pizza Hut comes complete within a haulage container. It's a little bit of home cooking for soldiers serving overseas. (Photo from The BBC)

Army Food: The Battle Of The Bulge -- Times Online

The top general in Afghanistan has banned junk food for the troops. In Kabul report on a clash of culinary traditions.

It was visions of Ambrosia that sustained the Spartans, while GIs in the Vietnam War imagined the culinary and sensual pleasures of Saigon. For the troops fighting in the Helmand desert, fantasies tend to focus on chilled milkshakes and Double Whoppers served up on a neon-lit strip of Kandahar airbase known as “The Boardwalk”.

Or they did until yesterday, when the famously ascetic commander of Nato forces in Afghanistan, General Stanley McChrystal, ordered that the Boardwalk — an ever-expanding cluster of fast-food joints at the sprawling airbase — be closed.

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My Comment: General McChrystal is going a "little bit" overboard. I can understand the alcohol prohibition .... but Burger King and Pizza Hut?

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