Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Difference Between Russian Prime Minister Putin And Russian President Medvedev

Russian President Medvedev and Russian Prime Minister Putin

From Foreign Policy:

Ever wonder why Vladimir Putin is so much more popular in Russia than his presidential successor, Dmitry Medvedev?

Their reactions to yesterday's subway bombings in Moscow shows why.

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My Comment: My Russian aunt is what I would call an old style communist. She was happy living in her small room that included a small kitchen and a communal washroom with someone else. She received her small pension check every month, and was content with what she had.

When President Putin came to power, he upped the pensions for people like my aunt to a livable level. His government then moved pensioners like her to what we in the West regard as an old age home .... but for my aunt it was her own kitchen, bathroom, living room, and bedroom .... and it was all new .... and it was now hers.

Who do you think she will vote for in the next Russian Presidential election?

Multiply my aunt by the millions who have benefited from Putin's reforms .... it is not hard to see who is the front runner in Russia's Presidential race. Putin has the pulse of the Russian people .... they know it .... current Russian President Medvedev knows it .... and Putin knows it.

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