Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Is The Afghan Taliban At War With The Taliban In Pakistan?

Terrorist vs. Terrorist -- Ralph Peters, New York Post

Bad-guy fratricide in AfPak.

As an intelligence officer or journalist, you've got to know which sources you can trust. And a source who's never let me down told me yesterday that the terrorist multinational based in Pakistan is coming apart.

According to this insider's insider, the Pakistan-headquartered Afghan Taliban is furious at the Taliban's Pakistani wing because its assaults on the Islamabad government triggered a stunning backlash.

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My Comment:
I sometimes disagree with Ralph Peters .... and I sometimes agree. In this post he has some good points .... and I can only hope that he is right.

On a side note, both Taliban groups have been at war with each other in the past .... but they have always found a way to get together and cooperate. If they are having differences now, I do expect them to reconcile again in the future.

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