Sunday, March 28, 2010

More White Farmers Have Been Killed In South Africa Than U.S./NATO Soldiers Killed In Afghanistan

A man walks through a field of crosses erected near Pretoria, South Africa, to honour mostly white farmers who have died in farm attacks over past decade.

White Farmers 'Being Wiped Out' -- Times Online

Over 3,000 have been killed since 1994. Now the ANC is accused of fanning the hate.

THE gunmen walked silently through the orchard. Skirting a row of burnt-out tyres, set ablaze months earlier to keep the budding fruit from freezing, they drew their old .38 revolvers.

Inside his farmhouse Pieter Cillier, 57, slept with his 14-year-old daughter Nikki at his side. His 12-year-old son JD was having a sleepover with two teenagers in an adjoining room.

As the intruders broke in, the farmer woke. He rushed to stop them, only to be shot twice in the chest.

In his death throes he would have seen his killers and then his children standing over him, screaming and crying.

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My comment: The sentence that struck me was the following ....

“More white farmers have been killed than British soldiers in Afghanistan and Iraq. Yes, we are at war here.”


As to what is my take .... at last a Western Journalist has the courage to report this long suppressed news .... albeit that he reports only superficially the ANC involvement.

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Mark said...

yup, this is -not- making headlines in mainstream news..