Tuesday, March 30, 2010

News Updates On The Sinking Of The South Korean Warship Cheonan

South Korea Cheonan Warship Sinking: Diver Dies During Rescue Efforts -- Christian Science Monitor

Strong currents frustrated rescue efforts for 46 sailors thought to be trapped on the sunken South Korea Cheonan warship, dimming their hopes for survival.

Efforts to enter the hull of the sunken South Korea Cheonan warship were foiled Tuesday by strong underwater currents, dimming hope for the survival of the 46 sailors thought to be trapped inside.

Divers worked throughout the day to no avail trying to gain access to the Cheonan, a Navy corvette that was blown in two Friday night in a mysterious explosion and now sits 40 meters underwater. Fifty-eight other sailors were pulled from the ship as it sank near the disputed Yellow Sea border with North Korea.

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More News On the Sinking of The South Korean Warship Cheonan

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