Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The UK Are Expecting Heavy Casualties From Afghanistan This Summer. Should We Also Be Concerned?

Photo: Invaluable care: Lance Corporal Stuart Hale, 24, undertakes rehabilitation at Headley Court in Surrey - one of two major hospitals that care for those injured in Afghanistan

Military Hospitals 'At Breaking Point' And Couldn't Cope With Rise In Afghan Casualties -- The Daily Mail

Military hospitals are nearly at capacity and could not cope with a rise in casualties from Afghanistan, a panel of senior MPs warned today.

The Public Accounts Committee said any increase of the wounded would force soldiers to be treated in the NHS.

In a report published today, the MPs warned that there would be problems transferring the 'military culture' to the health service.

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Update: Military medical facilities 'not prepared for increase in casualties' -- The Telegraph

My Comment: The UK Government's Committee of Accounts report is here (pdf file).

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