Tuesday, March 30, 2010

World News Briefs -- March 30, 2010 (Evening Edition)

Russian Blast Accomplices Caught On Camera -- ABC News

Security officials in Russia say they have made important breakthroughs in the investigation into the fatal bombing of the Moscow metro.

Russian police say video surveillance has revealed the two suspected suicide bombers had accomplices.

They are searching for two women and a man seen with the suspected bombers at a metro station outside central Moscow on the morning of the attack.

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Allawi accuses Tehran of meddling in Iraqi politics.

G8 leaders: Growing momentum for Iran nuclear sanctions.

In Iraq, candidates seek an edge with post-election maneuvers.

CIA: Iran capable of producing nukes.

Hamas seizes $270,000 in frozen funds from bank.


‘The Silent Surge’: Pakistan's foreign minister on what his country is doing to combat militant Islamists.

Thai red-shirt peace talks reach stalemate.

Afghanistan: Nato to launch Kandahar assault in June.

Diver dies at South Korean warship rescue site.

Pakistani court keeps curbs on nuclear scientist.

Myanmar Opposition Party's vote boycott angers some.


Nigerian Islamist sect threaten to widen attacks.

White Zimbabwe farmers win South Africa property.

Pirates hijack Panamanian ship off Yemen. Somali pirates hijack eight ships in three days.

Sudan opposition mulls poll boycott.

New LRA attacks leave 26 dead in C.Africa: military.


Serbia debates Srebrenica massacre apology.

The difference between Putin and Medvedev.

Death toll from Moscow blasts rises to 39

Russia faces continuing problems in the Northern Caucasus.

Geneva atom smasher sets collision record.

Berlusconi scores political victory in local vote.


Haiti to unveil $3.9B restructuring plan at the U.N. Britain turns off Haiti aid and delivers a snub to New York donor conference.

FBI launches raids on Christian militia group which is 'preparing for battle against an Anti-Christ'.

Obama signs health care reconciliation bill.

Hillary Clinton criticises Canada over Arctic talks.

Mexican Azteca gang leader arrested in killings of 3 tied to U.S. consulate. Ventura County probe leads to arrest of alleged Mexican drug kingpin.


After Moscow bombings, U.S. subways still vulnerable to terrorism.

India's hottest weapon in fight against terrorists: chili peppers.

CNN poll: Americans favor keeping Guantanamo open.

Bin Laden is 'healthy, giving the orders' says terror suspect.

Nuclear ambitions, terrorism focus at G8 meet.

The growing threat from female suicide bombers.


Google CEO's compensation for 2009 falls 52 pct.

Pssst: Wall Street is hiring again.

World stocks gain as US economic outlook brightens.

Can a former KGB agent save London's Independent?

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