Friday, April 30, 2010

Can U.S. Military Force Stop Iran's Nuclear Program?

Stop Iran? You Bet, Says One General -- IBD Editorial

Nuclear Terror: Over and over we've heard the military option against Iran isn't feasible because the country's nuclear sites are buried, spread out and too numerous. But even some left-leaning military figures disagree.

'If I were an Iranian leader I'd be very worried," former NATO commander and Democratic presidential candidate Gen. Wesley Clark said at the Milken Institute Global Conference in Los Angeles on Tuesday. "I'd be paying close attention."

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My Comment:I agree with the General's assessment, the U.S. military can easily and effectively destroy Iran's nuclear and military infrastructure. The problems that will arise will not be from the attack, but from the consequences of committing ourselves to such a course of action.

Iraq's military was defeated in a few weeks, but the war has continued (at a lower intensity) to this day. The same case will be for Iran .... we can easily destroy Iran's military infrastructure, but the conflict will continue for years (primarily through terrorism) even if U.S. forces are not in Iran proper.

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