Monday, April 19, 2010

A Firsthand Look At Firefights In Marja, Afghanistan

From The New York Times:

During the initial American-led assault earlier this year into Marja, the last large Taliban-dominated population center in Helmand Province, Marines in several companies encountered something unusual in the American experience of the Afghan war – insurgent snipers.

For several days, and in several places, competent and deliberate marksmen fired on Marine patrols. A video today presents one such event, a firefight between the Marines of Kilo Company, Third Battalion, Sixth Marines, and Taliban fighters, including at least one Taliban gunman the Marines considered to be a sniper. The footage shows the effects of incoming gunfire that is much different from the normal experience of Afghan shooting.

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My Comment: When the Times does stories like this, I get a glimpse of what a great newspaper it can be.

Read it .... it is captivating reading. Also check out the video.

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cap said...

you're right. this is an interesting article. thx for diggin' up!