Friday, April 30, 2010

Mexico's Drug Cartel War Casualties Approaching 23,000 Killed

People mourn the death of victims of a shootout in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico.
Alejandro Bringas/Reuters

Deaths In Mexico Drug War Pass 22,000, But Who's Counting?

MEXICO CITY — As the death toll has climbed from drug-related violence in Mexico, it's fallen largely to newspapers to keep the count.

Two weeks ago, a government report that legislators leaked spoke of 22,700 deaths over little more than a three-year period, a far higher body count than the 18,000 or so given by El Universal, a leading newspaper.

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My Comment: When you have casualty rates of 50 killed in three days .... in one city .... that is when you know that you are in a war.

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