Thursday, April 29, 2010

U.S. Navy To Permit Women To Serve On Submarines (Update)

Waterworld … Leading Seaman Centa on HMAS Dechaineux. (Photo from The Sydney Morning Herald)

Women To Start Serving On Submarines, But Not Everyone's On Board -- FOX News

Despite concerns from critics over privacy, costs and the possibility of sexual activity, the Navy says it's ready, willing, able, and now ready to put women on submarines. FOXNews' Diane Macedo gets an unprecedented look aboard the USS Alaska to see what hurdles the Navy needed to overcome.
Another exclusive "men's club" is about to go coed: The U.S. Navy will soon allow women to serve on submarines.

Women have served side-by-side with men for decades in all branches of the military, but submarines, up until now, have remained off-limits. The reason, the Navy says, was privacy. Crew members generally sleep 9 to a room. Up to 40 people can share one bathroom. Even officers bunk together.

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My Comment: The times .... they are certainly changing.

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