Friday, April 30, 2010

What Is The U.S. Airforce's Secret Space Mission About?

From Discovery:

These days, with the multitude of global surveillance systems watching the skies, it's pretty tough to keep secret the inaugural test launch of what many suspect to be a space weapon. Which is probably one reason why the U.S. Air Force not only issued a press release, but put up a web video of the April 22 launch of its X-37B Orbital Test Vehicle, a smaller, robotic version of the Space Shuttle that can stay in orbit for up to 270 days before returning to Earth for eventual reuse.

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My Comment: The keyparagraph in this report is the following ....

So what, then, is the X-37B's real purpose? The military isn't saying. In a recent Popular Science article, the Air Force's chief scientist, Werner J.A. Dahm, was asked what he could reveal about the spacecraft. "Nothing very useful," he replied, before quickly changing the subject.

It is a prototype .... I do not expect much from it either.

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