Thursday, April 29, 2010

World News Briefs -- April 29, 2010 (Evening Edition)

Mad Scramble As Oil Slick Nears Louisiana Coast -- Yahoo News/AFP

VENICE, Louisiana (AFP) – Offshore winds pushed a giant oil slick closer to the Louisiana coast Thursday amid a frenzied effort by authorities to contain what one official said had become a disaster of "national significance."

The White House pledged "all available resources," including the military, to avoid an environmental catastrophe, and the Defense Department said it was studying ways to help as officials revealed that the Gulf of Mexico oil spill was far worse than believed.

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US gives Abbas private assurances over Israeli settlements.

Baghdad vote recount begins Monday.

Hezbollah: Egyptian jailings 'unjust and politicised'.

Ahmadinejad applies to visit US for UN nuclear meeting.

Iran, Egypt ready for battle at U.N. nuclear meeting.

Rights group: Torture routine in secret Iraq jail.


Pentagon issues downbeat assessment on Afghanistan.

Expo offers Shanghai a turn in the spotlight.

Thai troops struggle to contain Bangkok protests.

South Korea vows to avenge sailors’ deaths. South Korea holds funeral for sailors killed in sinking.

On a holiday for Afghans, tight security and violence.

China to build reactors in Pakistan.

Pakistan Taliban chief believed alive.


Nigerians welcome sacking of election head Maurice Iwu.

U.N.-trained Somali soldiers deserting.

Sudan resumes demarcation of north-South border.

World Cup hosts S.Africa back on winning trail.


Russia and US discuss adoptions.

UK's Brown seeks redemption at debate after gaffe. UK's Brown seeks redemption at debate after gaffe.

Merkel tested as escalating Greek crisis hurts Euro.

Ukraine's Yanukovych signs Russian naval base deal into law.


Government sends skimmers, other gear to oil spill.

Shootings kill 16 people in Mexican border city.

Oil-rich Venezuela gripped by economic crisis.

Chavez foes fielding unified lineup for election.

Argentine media-government conflict turns ugly.


Read the Pentagon’s new rules for military trials.

Yemen arrests dozens of al Qaeda suspects.

North Africans move against al-Qaida.


Roubini says rising sovereign debt leads to defaults.

BP says would welcome military help on oil spill.

Greek fire turns to Spanish fever.

Dangers loom beyond the eurozone.

Lawmakers to Holder: Goldman, other firms aren't 'too big for jail'.

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