Monday, May 31, 2010

Al Qaeda's #3 Reported Killed In Pakistan

Photo: Mustafa Abu al Yazid, al Qaeda's commander in Afghanistan, in a propaganda video in May 2007. Photo from The Long War Journal

Al Qaeda's Third-in-Command Killed -- Wall Street Journal

WASHINGTON—Al Qaeda's third-in-command, who played a key role in a recently foiled terrorist plot against the U.S., is believed to have been killed by a U.S. drone strike in Pakistan's tribal areas recent weeks, dealing a significant blow to the terrorist network.

Sheik Sa'id al-Masri, al Qaeda's chief operating officer, was killed about a week ago, a U.S. official said, adding "This is the main person who everyone has been looking for."

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More News On The Death Of Al Qaeda's Third-in-Command

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My Comment: I say good riddance.

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