Saturday, May 29, 2010

How Blood Diamonds Are Keeping Zimbabwe's Mugabe In Power

Blood Diamonds: The Illicit Trade Propping Up The Mugabe Regime -- Times Online

Bayo, a burly Guinean also known as Mr Big, threw the contents of the small plastic bag on to the bare wooden table. A handful of rough diamonds twinkled in the half-light of the shabby office.

“Put the light on,” shouted Demba, one of several “associates” squeezed into the back room of a residential home. Someone flicked the switch on a desk lamp and he pointed at the gems. “Look at this quality — very good, boss, very good. Tell me which type you want and I’ll bring them over.”

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My Comment:
It is unfortunate to see that Zimbabwe is now continuing Africa's long and bloody history when it comes to blood diamonds.

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