Friday, May 28, 2010

Will The Russian Orthodox Church Be Used To Spy On The French?

A Russian Orthodox cathedral built on the French Riviera nearly a century ago under Czar Nicholas II

French Secret Service Fear Russian Cathedral A Spying Front -- The Telegraph

The French secret service has reportedly expressed alarm over plans for a Russian Orthodox cathedral in Paris, fearing it will be used by Moscow as a front for spies.

The go-ahead for the onion-domed cathedral – the first to be built in the French capital in more than a century – by the Eiffel Tower was considered a brilliant diplomatic coup in Russia as at least two other countries were vying for the prized property by the Seine.

But it sparked deep reservations at the Quai d'Orsay, France's foreign ministry, and the DCRI, its MI6, because the building is a stone's throw from a sensitive diplomatic compound.

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My Comment: I very much doubt that this church will be used as a means to spy on the French Government. I am Russian Orthodox who is active in my church, the idea that a Russian orthodox church will be used in such a way .... nah .... the uproar in Russia and in the church will be incredible .... it will de-legitimize the Russian Government in front of millions of Russians.

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