Saturday, May 29, 2010

World News Briefs -- May 29, 2010

Death Toll Rises To 98 In Pakistan Attacks -- CNN

Islamabad, Pakistan (CNN) -- The death toll from attacks on a religious minority in eastern Pakistan has risen to 98, officials said Saturday.

About 110 more people were wounded in the attacks, said Sajjad Bhutta, a senior government official.

They took place Friday in two mosques in Lahore when attackers with bombs and firearms targeted houses of worship belonging to the Ahmadi sect, a persecuted religious group.

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Uranium enrichment not discussed in Iran deal: Brazil.

In the wait for new government, ordinary Iraqis suffer.

Gaza flotilla to arrive only Sunday. Flotilla bound for Gaza delayed, loses key members.

Netanyahu: Time for direct talks with Palestinians.

Iranian artists, musicians give voice to opposition amid censorship.


Leaders of China, Japan, South Korea begin summit meeting.

Deadlock pushes Nepal to brink of a political crisis.

Death toll rises to 98 in India train crash.


Cup opens South Africa to terror threat.

Kenya's draft constitution under fire for Islamic courts.

Nigeria president urges electoral reform by year-end.


2nd Iceland volcano issues warning.

Divided Czechs vote, inconclusive result feared.

Father of Concorde 'to blame for 2000 Paris crash'.

Cocaine traffickers using submarines in attempt to supply European users.


Gulf oil spill hits Day 40 with no end in sight.

Thousands flee volcanos in Ecuador and Guatemala.

Colombia elections: Border town frets about Hugo Chávez trade threats.

Jamaica accused of brutality in hunting suspect.


Court to Guantánamo Uighurs: Accept resettlement or stay in prison.

From failed bombings to armed Jihadist assaults.

Most Guantanamo detainees low-level fighters, task force report says.


Will China ever revalue its currency? Maybe next month.

China's $2.5 trillion dilemma.

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