Monday, May 31, 2010

World News Briefs -- May 31, 2010

UN Security Councils Holds Emergency Session on Israeli Aid Convoy Raid -- Voice of America

The U.N. Security Council met in emergency session Monday to discuss the Israeli commando raid on a Turkish vessel in the Mediterranean Sea that left at least nine of those on board dead. Dozens more were wounded.

Seven Israeli soldiers were also wounded.

The vessel was part of a flotilla carrying 10,000 tons of supplies to the Gaza Strip in defiance of a three-year-old Israeli blockade.

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Syria conducted nuclear experiments: IAEA document.

Obama tells Netanyahu on phone: We need raid 'facts' ASAP.

Nine dead as Israel storms aid ship.

Netanyahu mulls cancelling U.S. trip in wake of Gaza flotilla deaths.

Israel stations nuclear missile subs off Iran.

Six die in Gaza tunnel explosion.


Seoul weighs shift in U.S. military ties. U.S. official: North Korea may attack again.

Japan PM backs Seoul's UN bid to punish NKorea.

China, Japan agree hotline after naval incidents.

Pakistani court orders access to Facebook restored.


Ethiopian election stirs outrage at ruling party.

African countries in heated debate over UN reform.

UN to reduce DR Congo peace force.

Poison gas sweeps Nigerian city, 300 sickened.


Germany in crisis after surprise resignation of President Horst Köhler.

Economic woes bring Russia and Europe closer.

Czech Republic voters move to right in general election.

Saakashvili claims victory for his party at Georgian elections.


Rescuers dig after Central America storm kills 113.

Jamaican slum dwellers angry at troops after raid.

Former defence minister leads way in Colombia's presidential elections.

President Obama's Memorial Day complicated by storms at home and abroad.

Latest oil spill developments.

Former defense minister ahead in Colombia election.

Tropical Storm Agatha kills 96 in Central America.


Former Libyan militants now wage battle within homeland to discredit al-Qaeda.

Hill acts to keep Gitmo's inmates out of U.S.

B-17 to drop flowers for CIA killed in Afghanistan.

Obama’s security strategy falls short.


ECB warns of more bank loan losses.

Greece urged to give up euro.

Debt-induced stress continues for many Americans.

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