Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Afghanistan War News Updates -- June 29, 2010

Grim Afghan Toll As 100 Foreign Troops Die In June -- AFP

KABUL — A total of 100 foreign soldiers fighting the Taliban in Afghanistan have died in June, the deadliest month for NATO in nine years of conflict, intensifying concerns about the conduct of the war.

An announcement by the US Department of Defence of the death of an American soldier on June 24 in the strife-torn western province of Farah took the toll for the year to date to 320, compared with 520 in all of 2009.

AFP's figures are based on a tally kept by the independent icasualties.org website.

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More News On Afghanistan

Deadliest month yet for NATO in Afghanistan -- Christian Science Monitor
June deadliest month for troops in Afghanistan -- ABC News (Australia)
100 foreign soldiers killed in Afghanistan in June -- Xinhuanet
Afghan campaign steps up in bloodiest month of war -- Reuters

U.S. and Afghan forces launch major assault in eastern province of Konar -- Washington Post
Officials Report on Numerous Afghanistan Operations -- U.S. Department of Defense
16 killed in string of Afghan attacks -- Sydney Morning Herald
U.S. strategy in Afghanistan may involve greater use of special operations forces -- L.A. Times
If Afghanistan Seems Violent Now, Just You Wait -- Newsweek
NATO "protection" plan means little to Afghan village -- Reuters
Mullen: Omar could be part of Afghan settlement -- Washington Times
Senator plans to question Petraeus on strategy for Kandahar -- Stars And Stripes
Analysis: Petraeus Faces Daunting Challenges -- New York Times/AP

Report faults U.S. for being too optimistic about Afghan security capabilities -- Washington Post
Watchdog: Afghan forces won't be ready for U.S. withdrawal -- McClatchy News
Afghan forces won't be ready for U.S. withdrawal, report says -- L.A. Times
System to Assess Afghan Forces Flawed - U.S. Auditors -- New York Times/Reuters
Afghan Security Force Report -- Full PDF

Afghanistan Still Crucial to U.S. Interests, Obama Says
-- Defpro
Afghanistan worth the sacrifice, Barack Obama says -- Toronto Star
Afghanistan war: Top Senate Democrat says support could weaken -- Christian Science Monitor
With Shift in Afghanistan, Talk Turns to Exit -- New York Times
Pakistan May Transfer Captured Taliban Commander To Afghanistan -- Radio Free Europe
Karzai denies talks with Haqqani network -- UPI
Afghanistan war may be lost in Pakistan: US think tank -- Sify News
Outsourcing in Afghanistan: Who's Protecting Our Supply Lines? -- Yahoo News/Time Magazine
How Afghanistan became the ignored war -- Julian E. Zelizer, CNN
Lawmaker threatens to cut aid to Afghanistan over graft allegations -- CNN
Furious US lawmaker blocks Afghan aid -- AFP
U.S. medevac crews treat Afghan civilians, win hearts and minds -- L.A. Times
Poll: 58% of Americans favor Afghan timetable -- Politico

President Obama's detrimental deadlines -- Marc Thiessen, Washington Post
Obama's muddled Afghan obsession -- Washington Times editorial
The coming conflagration -- Kamran Shafi, Dawn
Britain is squandering lives in Afghanistan to save the faces of politicians -- Gerald Warner

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