Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Russian Spy Ring Busted In The U.S. -- News Roundup

U.S. Charges 11 As Russian Agents -- L.A. Times

An FBI investigation turns up a vast spy operation on the East Coast with 'deep cover' assignments, including transmitting U.S. nuclear weapons research to Moscow, authorities say.

Reporting from Washington — Federal officials charged 11 people on the East Coast as secret agents of Russia on Monday in an multiyear investigation that turned up allegations of a vast undercover network designed to collect fresh information for Moscow, including new U.S. nuclear weapons research.

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More News On The Arrest Of Russian Spies In the U.S.

Russian spy ring: 11th suspect arrested in Cyprus; Moscow calls spy claims 'baseless and improper' -- New York Daily News
U.S. charges 11 as secret agents; Russia calls action 'unfounded' -- L.A. Times
Russian Spy Ring Suspects Busted! 10 Alleged Secret Agents Arrested in U.S. -- ABC News
FBI arrests 10 accused of working as Russian spies -- Washington Post
The Spy Next Door: Tri-Staters Charged as Russian Agents -- MSNBC
Feds burn 'deep cover' Russian spy network -- Washington Times
U.S. arrests 10 for allegedly spying for Russia -- Reuters
10 alleged Russian secret agents arrested in US -- AP
'Femme Fatale' Rounded Up in Nest of Alleged Russian Spies -- FOX News
Spy ring's 'femme fatale' -- New York Post
Alleged Russian spies may have used false UK and Irish passports -- The Guardian
In Ordinary Lives, U.S. Sees the Work of Russian Agents -- New York Times

Russia Says U.S. Spy Accusations Baseless And Improper -- New York Times/AP
Russia: Spy Arrests a Throwback to Cold War -- CBS News
Russia denounces US 'spy' arrests -- Al Jazeera
Russia Says US Spy Allegations 'Groundless' -- Voice of America
U.S. Espionage Claims Recall Cold War `Spy Mania,' Russian Government Says -- Bloomberg
Moscow Raises Questions on Timing of Spy Ring Arrests -- New York Times

Deep cover -- Politico
Russian Spy Case: Part John le Carre, Part Austin Powers -- Newsweek
Ex-Spy: May Be 50 Undercover Russian Couples in US -- New York Times/AP
The spy scandal shows Russia is no friend of the West -- Con Coughlin, The Telegraph

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