Saturday, July 31, 2010

A Former Soldier Turned Reporter -- On The Ground Report From Afghanistan

Since soldiers at Combat Outpost Lakokhel have conducted few patrols since their arrival last month, they know of the neighboring village only what they can see from their gun towers. (Ben Brody/GlobalPost)

Afghanistan: Notes From A Soldier-Turned-Civilian -- Global Post

An Iraq veteran, now a GlobalPost photographer, finds his nerves tested.

COMBAT OUTPOST LAKOKHEL, Afghanistan — There are 30,000 small villages in Afghanistan; Sansigar is the one we can walk to from our base in 20 minutes. It would be another unremarkable collection of mud brick huts and walled compounds if it weren't home to the mosque where Mullah Omar taught before he founded the Taliban movement. Sangisar is where the Taliban hung the warlords' thugs from the tank barrels.

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My Comment: A well written and fascinating report from Afghanistan. This is a must read.

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