Saturday, July 31, 2010

Nuclear Forensics Is In Decline While Fears Of Nuclear Terrorism Increases

Nuclear Forensics Skill Is Declining In U.S., Report Says -- New York Times

The nation’s ability to identify the source of a nuclear weapon used in a terrorist attack is fragile and eroding, according to a report released Thursday by the National Research Council.

Such highly specialized detective work, known as nuclear attribution, seeks to study clues from fallout and radioactive debris as a way to throw light on the identity of the attacker and the maker of the weapon. In recent years, federal officials have sought to improve such analytic skills, arguing that nuclear terrorism is a grave, long-term threat to the nation.

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My Comment: I can see the headlines after a nuclear event .... who did this .... and why are we not capable of knowing.

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Mark said...

well.. after 9/11 happened, the wrong country was attacked anyways, despite that the skills existed to find out who did it...

i.e. having the skills is one thing, applying them is another :)