Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Authorities Skeptical That 2 Men Arrested In Amsterdam Were Planning A Terror Attack

Authorities Were on High Alert for Possible Hijack Attempt -- ABC News

Air Marshals On Board Suspects' Flight to Amsterdam

The arrests of two men in Amsterdam for questioning in a terrorism investigation comes at a time U.S. law enforcement officials have been on a heightened state of alert to a possible hijacking of U.S. carrier flights from the Middle East, according to one senior U.S. official. In response , in the past several weeks, authorities have greatly ramped up the number of Federal air marshals on overseas flights, especially to Dubai, the official said.

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More News On This Terror Plot (Or Not)

Unlikely 2 men were plotting terror
-- AP
AP source: Unlikely 2 men were plotting terror -- Bloomberg
Pair Of Suspicious Passengers May Not Be Charged With Any Wrongdoing -- NPR
U.S., Dutch authorities diverge on terror arrest -- CNN
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Airline Passengers Held on Fears of Terrorist Plot -- New York Times
Dutch Continue Probe of Detained Men -- Wall Street Journal
Dutch hold two Yemenis after terrorism alert -- Reuters

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