Monday, August 30, 2010

Britain And France To Share Aircraft Carriers

HMS Illustrious, a British aircraft carrier, passes London's financial district in Canary Wharf before docking at Greenwhich November 4, 2008. Credit: Reuters/Kevin Coombs

Britain, France To Share Aircraft Carriers -- Reuters

(Reuters) - Britain and France are getting ready to unveil plans to share aircraft carriers amid pressure on the British military to cut costs, the Times reported on Tuesday.

Prime Minister David Cameron and French President Nicholas Sarkozy were expected to announce the proposal at a November summit, the Times said, quoting an unidentified British naval source for its information.

No immediate comment was available from British officials on the report.

Earlier this month, a Defence Ministry source told Reuters that Britain might cancel one or both of its planned new aircraft carriers to cut costs, though there were no plans to scale back the country's nuclear deterrent.

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My Comment: Britain and France working together .... hmmm .... I guess cats and dogs can live together.

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