Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Iraq News Updates -- August 31, 2010

Why Gloom Looms Over Obama's Iraq Address -- Time Magazine

When he speaks from the Oval Office tonight, Barack Obama will deliver one of the hardest addresses of his presidency. Yes, he's had tough ones before — about Afghanistan, health care and the BP oil spill. But tonight's speech marking the end of the U.S. combat mission in Iraq confronts Obama with a subject that defies easy explanation, a policy that allows little self-congratulation and a political climate in which Iraq's place is not clear.

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More News On Iraq

Two things Barack Obama won't say in his Oval Office Iraq war speech -- L.A. Times
Obama Faces Three Challenges on Iraq Speech -- FOX News
Obama's Iraq Speech Will Sound Familiar: He's Said It All Before -- CBS News
Obama's prepares to deliver Oval Office address on Iraq -- USA Today
Obama speech on Iraq has risks -- Washington Post
Obama to Make 2nd Oval Office Speech -- New York Times
Obama to mark end of Iraq combat ops -- ABC News (Australia)
Obama visits US troops, plans Bush call -- AFP
Troops yet to give Obama full salute -- Washington Times
Oval Office makeoever to debut in Iraq speech -- Washington Post

Iraq wins independence as US ends combat role - PM -- Reuters
Iraqi PM praises 'sovereignty day' -- Al Jazeera
Iraq forces up to job as US ends combat: PM -- Yahoo News/AFP
Maliki Welcomes 'Independence' As U.S. Ends Combat Operations In Iraq -- Radio Free Europe
Joe Biden to ask Baghdad to end political deadlock -- The Australian/AP
Biden, in Baghdad, urges Iraqis to form a government now -- McClatchy News

Mysterious killings spread panic in Iraq
-- L.A. Times
Iraqis approach end of US combat role with worry -- AP
No letup in Iraq for some military forces -- Washington Times
As U.S. ends combat operations, Iraqis move to protect themselves from violence -- Washington Post
As U.S. Combat Operations End, Hundreds Of Thousands Of Iraqis Remain Internally Displaced -- Radio Free Europe
As U.S. withdraws, Iraqis still live in crisis -- Reuters
US Withdrawal from Iraq: Baghdad Residents Mourn Departure of Former Enemy -- Spiegel Online
As US soldiers exit Iraq, locals fear future -- The Age
Iraq withdrawal: unmistakeable signs of US military on way out -- The Guardian

Analysts: U.S. will be a factor for years as Iraq remains turbulent -- CNN
Obama’s Mideast Reset, and Iran’s Role In It -- Wall Street Journal
Analysis: US hopes for Iraq collided with reality -- AP
Political Wisdom: A Change in Iraq -- Wall Street Journal
Iraqis need promises of post-war commitments from the U.S. -- Washington Post editorial
What Have We Learned From Iraq? -- KT McFarland, FOX News
Mission accomplished in Iraq? -- Peter Bergen, CNN
Was the war in Iraq worth it? -- CNN opinion
Iraq needs U.S. engagement, and a slower clock -- Ryan Crocker, Washington Post
Iraq after U.S. combat forces withdraw -- Howard P. McKeon, L.A. Times
Obama’s Iraq Challenge -- Michael Hirsh, Newsweek
Winding down the Iraq war, and avoiding civil war -- Irena L. Sargsyan, L.A. Times

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