Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Military And Intelligence News Briefs -- August 31, 2010

F22 Raptor Take-off at RIAT 2010


Jump jets to fall victim to UK spending cuts -- The Telegraph

SAS facing greatest cuts since WW2 -- The Telegraph

Israel set to build wings for some 800 F-35s -- Khaleej Times/Reuters

U.S. Concerned About Taiwan Ex-Generals' China Visits: Report -- Defense News

Turkey And The Arms Race -- The Strategy Page

Taiwan’s Frigate Corruption Investigation: Full Steam Ahead -- Defense Industry Daily

Amendment Sought To Protect USN Hornet Buy -- Defense News

The LCS Decision: Lockheed Spins DOD Buzz -- Next Navy

Defense trade reform to boost jobs, security: Obama
-- Reuters

On the “urgency” of the B61 LEP -- Arms Control Wonk

SOCOM Stops Hunting WMD Terrorists
-- Armchair Generalist

What Do You Call an IED with Fins? A SAM … -- Defense Tech

AUVSI Update: Navy, Air Force Make Plans to Assimilate Drones into Aviation Units -- Defense Updates

HD Cameras on UAVs Is Closer To Reality
-- Defense News

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