Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Obama Administration Sued By The ACLU Over Policy To Assassinate US Citizens Involved In Terrorist Actions Against The U.S.

Anwar al-Aulaqi, New Mexico-born and linked to al-Qaeda. The Obama administration is continuing a policy begun under the Bush administration, which authorizes the CIA and the American military to kill American citizens abroad if they are involved in terrorist actions against the U.S. (al-Jazeera)

ACLU Sues Obama Administration Over Alleged Assassination Plot -- Wall Street Journal

You’ve got to tip your hat to the ACLU. The organization will sue anyone along the political spectrum at just about any time. All it takes is a violation of one’s constitutional rights. Of course, it doesn’t hurt if the issue is likely to garner a headline or two.

The organization proved itself once again an equal-opportunity litigant on Monday when it filed suit against the Obama administration over an alleged policy of killing American citizens suspected of terrorism.

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More News On The ACLU Suing The U.S. Government Over Targeted Killings Of U.S. Citizens

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My Comment: Protecting the terrorists who have a U.S. Passport .... what else is new.

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