Tuesday, August 31, 2010

World News Briefs -- August 31, 2010 (Evening Edition)

Obama Administration Marks End Of Combat Mission In Iraq -- USA Today

The administration spent Tuesday drawing attention to the formal end of the United States' seven-year combat mission in Iraq. President Obama rolled out speeches stateside, and Vice President Biden met with Iraqi leaders in Baghdad to end a political impasse there.

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Armed militias: a quandary for Lebanon, US.

4 Israeli settlers killed in West Bank.

Mysterious killings spread panic in Iraq.

US welcomes Middle East players as direct talks to resume. Israeli, PA negotiating teams to meet with U.S. hosts separately.

UN votes to keep peacekeepers on Israel-Lebanon border until 2011.

Mideast talks reopen under tough conditions.


Afghanistan bomb attacks kill twenty-one US soldiers in 48 hours.

Burma's Than Shwe 'remains senior general'.

South Korea welcomes sanctions on North, offers flood aid. Obama administration announces new sanctions against North Korea.

China and North Korea deepen ties during Kim Jong Il visit.

2 die after Indonesian volcano erupts again.

Australia PM rejects new election.


South African government makes salary offer to striking unions.

Tensions between media and ANC on display in South Africa.

Police rescue abducted son of Nigerian politician.

Tracing DRC’s conflict minerals a daunting task.


WikiLeaks founder Assange applies for Swedish residency.

UK mum on navy merger with France.

France defends Roma expulsions. France vows to boost deportation of foreign beggars, thieves.

Slovakia stunned by rampaging gunman.

Eurozone unemployment still at 10%.


Category 4 Hurricane Earl menaces East Coast; set to soak Labor Day weekend.

Venezuelan hunger-striker dies after land protest.

Chilean miners' families 'go hungry' amid pay freeze.

Mexico nabs U.S.-born drug lord 'La Barbie'.

Mexico fires 3,200 federal police officers.

Ciudad Juarez cancels Independence Day celebrations over drug violence.

Fidel Castro says was at death's door, now better.

Drones to begin surveillance of Texas-Mexico border on Wednesday.


Terrorist ties doubted in Amsterdam arrests.

Suit challenges reach of U.S. 'targeted killings'.

"Ground Zero Mosque" developer: I don't hold Islam accountable for 9/11 attacks.


Gold rallying to $1,500 as Soros's bubble inflates.

At meeting Fed discussed using more stimulus.

Japan defends economic policy steps as Yen rises, leaves intervention open.

India growth rate rises to 8.8%.

Double-dip fears hit global stocks.

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