Monday, September 27, 2010

An Inside Look Into North Korea

The Conference poster depicts a united nation, but North Korea's political cadres are vying for influence. Photo from The Guardian

Face To Face With The World's Most Repressive Regime -- The Independent

David McNeill, travelling under cover, infiltrates an illegal market in Pyongyang before falling foul of North Korea's authorities.

Pyongyang is the showcase capital for a Stalinist experiment gone horribly wrong. Like the embalmed face of the nation's founder, Kim Il-sung, lying in a glass coffin in his mausoleum in the Kumsusan Memorial Palace, the city at night has an eerie waxy pallor that can't disguise its slow decomposition. From the 40th floor of the Yanggakdo hotel, the dim illumination from street lamps and low-watt bulbs in apartment buildings is a telltale sign of the city's lack of fuel and creaking electricity grid. The brightest lights shine on the architectural baubles, idolatrous murals and giant statues of Kim dotted all around the city.

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