Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Afghanistan War News Updates -- October 12, 2010

U.S. Army soldiers meet with local leaders during a presence patrol in Zabul province, Afghanistan, Sept. 13, 2010. U.S. Army photo by Spc. Joshua Grenier

Payoff Seen In Afghan Surge -- Washington Times

Taliban demoralized and changing sides, military says

The U.S. military is starting to see signs that the troop surge in Afghanistan is working on a timetable similar to the Iraq reinforcement campaign in 2007, according to an outside adviser and military sources.

"There are already some early signs of a beginning of a momentum shift in our favor," retired Army Gen. Jack Keane told The Washington Times.

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More News On Afghanistan

Afghanistan Bombs Kill 13, Including 2 Troops
-- CBS News
NATO Soldier, 6 Civilians Killed In Afghanistan -- RTT News
Blast inside NATO helicopter kills one in Afghanistan -- Yahoo News/Reuters
US chopper blast kills one in Afghanistan -- AFP
Forces in Afghanistan Kill 2 Senior Taliban -- Voice of America
US Base in Afghanistan Captured by Taliban -- Abna.ir
US Troops Fled Strategic Outpost in Kunar Province -- Hamsayeh.net
NATO brass see signs of hope in Afghanistan -- Globe And Mail
Taliban alive and well -- and deadly in parts of Afghanistan -- Detroit Free Press/AP
War casualties soar in south Afghanistan: Red Cross -- Reuters
Number of wounded has reached ''record high'' in Afghan: ICRC -- MSN
Taliban border haven in U.S. sights -- L.A. Times

Brits Question Suspected Friendly Fire Death of Aid Worker -- Time Magazine
U.S. troops may have killed kidnapped British aid worker during failed rescue attempt -- L.A. Times
U.S. forces may have killed aid worker accidentally -- McClatchy News
Rescue attempt may have killed British aid worker in Afghanistan -- Washington Post
Petraeus Launches Investigation Into Aid Worker Death -- U.S. Department of Defense
Petraeus orders probe into failed UK aid worker rescue -- BBC
Barack Obama offers condolences over Linda Norgrove death -- The Guardian
Linda Norgrove death: Barack Obama offers condolences in call to David Cameron -- The Telegraph

Pakistan says it is key to Taliban peace talks -- Yahoo News/AFP
Afghan Peace Council to begin work: presidential spokesman -- Xinhuanet
Mediator sees Karzai softening on Afghan talks -- Reuters
Karzai Confirms "Unofficial Personal" Talks With Taliban -- RTT News
Afghanistan's Hamid Karzai says he's talking to the Taliban -- Christian Science Monitor
Afghan President Confirms Contact With Taliban -- Voice of America
Afghan government in contact with Taliban 'for some time' -- The Telegraph
U.S., Karzai say Afghan talks with Taliban limited -- Reuters

Tangled Tale of American Found in Afghanistan -- New York Times
Afghanistan battles mental health issues -- Cnews
Italy May Start Afghanistan Withdrawal in 2011, Frattini Tells Repubblica -- Bloomberg
Thousands of complaints filed over Afghanistan elections -- Post Gazette

Fareed's Take: Talking to the Taliban -- CNN
In Afghanistan, the first hints of success -- Michael Gerson, Washington Post
How We Lost Afghanistan's Once-Peaceful North -- Joshua Foust, The Atlantic

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