Saturday, October 30, 2010

Countries That Use Child Soldiers Get A Pass From The U.S.

Rebel groups like Sudan's Justice and Equality Movement, shown in this video frame, use child soldiers. The United States will exempt four governments from penalties for doing so. [Al Jazeera]

Obama Waives Sanctions For Four Countries That Use Child Soldiers -- Christian Science Monitor

President Obama grants waivers to Chad, the Congo, Sudan, and Yemen, which use child soldiers but are strategically important to the US. The waivers mean military aid will continue.

As a senator, Barack Obama supported legislation requiring the United States to cut off military aid to countries recruiting and deploying child soldiers.

This week as president, Mr. Obama acted to ensure that four countries found to use child soldiers – but which are also considered key national security interests – do not lose their US military assistance. Obama heeded the recommendation of a State Department review and waived application of a year-old law on child soldiers in the case of Chad, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Sudan, and Yemen.

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My Comment: Where is the outrage from the left, the media, academia? Once again we are witness to selective morality and dismissal of inconvenient situations by a White House that moralizes when it is out of power, but changes direction when it is in power.

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