Saturday, October 30, 2010

What Happens When Intelligence Has Becomes Politicized -- A Commentary

The Threat Of Politicized Intelligence -- Mansoor Ijaz, Washington Post

Mansoor Ijaz, an American of Pakistani origin, negotiated Sudan's offer of counterterrorism assistance to the Clinton administration in 1996 and 1997 and jointly authored the blueprint for a ceasefire of hostilities between Indian security forces and militant Islamists in Kashmir in July and August 2000.

If new US National Security Adviser Thomas E. Donilon needs a reminder of how stark the enemy threat is, he need look no further than today's discovery of printer cartridges rigged like explosive devices aboard UPS airliner cargo holds that left Yemen bound for Jewish Synagogues in the United States. A dry run? You bet. And not just to test the holes in air cargo security systems, but to test the reaction time and responsiveness of our national security apparatus.

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My Comment
: Mansoor Ijaz is talking from his personal experience with the Clinton administration, but his analysis can (probably) easily be applied to the past Bush administration and the present Obama White House. He holds back no punches .... this is a must read on why we should be concerned when intelligence information and policy becomes politicized.

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