Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Military And Intelligence News Briefs -- November 30, 2010

Parallel internet: The Pentagon runs an online network that is kept separate from the ordinary internet, allowing confidential information to be shared

Whodunnit? Millions Of U.S. Military Personnel Have Access To Leaked Iinformation Via A Secret Parallel Internet -- The Daily Mail

The secret U.S. government files released to WikiLeaks are thought to have been stored on a military database that millions of soldiers and embassies around the world have access to.

U.S. soldier Bradley Manning is the prime suspect as the source of WikiLeaks disclosures in the past, but anyone with access to the database could be the culprit.

Observers have been surprised that so many files are stored together and could be released to WikiLeaks - but thousands of documents are available on a secret network.

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Officials Condemn Leaks, Detail Prevention Efforts -- U.S. Department of Defense

WikiLeaks: The must-have weapons and the countries that want them -- CNN

Wikileaks: Inside the Global Arms Bazaar -- Ares/Aviation Week

WikiLeaks Reveals Everybody’s Christmas List: The World Wants Drones -- The Danger Room

Four European states host US nuclear bombs, WikiLeaks reveals -- EU Observer

Austerity Pressures Accelerate Decline in European Defense Investment -- Defpro

Kazakhstan's Nuclear Secret -- Armchair Generalist

Iran’s Newest Old Missiles
-- Defense Tech

2nd Russian 4th-generation nuclear sub launched -- Voice of Russia

Warplanes: Out With The Russian, In With The Superior Chinese Copy -- Strategy Page

NATO Rejects Russian Missile Defense Proposal, Report Says -- Global Security Neswire

Russia Sought Israeli Drone Technology to Stop Iran Arms Deal, Leak Shows -- Bloomberg

South Korea Seeks Budget Increase for Arms Plans -- Defense News

GOP Senator Says Delay on Arms Treaty Reflects "Reality" -- Global Security Newswire

F-35 JSF engine too big for regular transport at sea (Via Navy Times) -- ELP Defens(c)e Blog

Venlet Denies F136 Support
-- DoD Buzz

Gates Seeking to Contain Military Health Costs
-- New York Times

Hoyer: U.S. military should also see pay freeze -- The Hill

Former State Department intelligence chief says spy orders unprecedented -- Spy Talk/Washington Post

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