Friday, November 5, 2010

Social Networks Bring The War Home

Facebook Brings The Afghan War To Fort Campbell -- Washington Post

AT FORT CAMPBELL, KY. Emily Franks was playing with her toddler when a soldier called from Afghanistan with devastating news.

A massive roadside bombing had killed five soldiers from her husband's 120-man infantry company. The soldier was calling Franks, who was at the center of a wives' support network, in violation of a military-imposed communications blackout on the unit.

Using an Afghan cellphone, he told Franks that her husband was safe, but that the company commander was probably dead.

Franks's cellphone beeped. Kitty Hinds, the company commander's wife, was calling.

"I gotta go," Franks told the soldier.

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My Comment: This Washington Post article hits it on the nail. Because of our interconnected world, it is now easy for families to know what is the status of a love one in war zones almost instantly. Unfortunately .... on the flip side .... it is also now possible to know if a love one has been injured or killed through an email or cell call from someone who is there.

Because of this blog, I have received numerous emails from anguished family members on whether I can find out for them on what is the status of a love one in a war zone. Most of these emails are from contractor families, and each of them are desperate to find any information on the status of their family member. I know that the thirst to know right away, to be comforted that everything is alright, or to confirm the worse .... this is a natural reaction among those who have loved ones in war. The military (has) and will try their best to regulate this information .... but I wish them luck because I know that they will not succeed.

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