Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Wikileaks And Afghanistan -- News Roundup November 30, 2010

WikiLeaks Fallout Reveals More Cracks In Afghan War Strategy -- Christian Science Monitor

The continued political survival of US Ambassador to Afghanistan Karl Eikenberry suggests the doubts he expressed about the war strategy have deepened in American government circles.

The latest WikiLeaks revelations once again put the US ambassador to Afghanistan on record as a blunt critic of President Hamid Karzai’s government, highlighting the war’s corrupt and complicated dynamics.

Ambassador Karl Eikenberry's name sits as a signature at the end of an October 2009 cable marked “confidential” that concluded, “one of our major challenges in Afghanistan [is] how to fight corruption and connect the people to their government, when the key government officials are themselves corrupt.”

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What Wikileaks Exposes On Afghanistan

WikiLeaks: bereaved families' fury at US 'insult' over Afghanistan -- The Telegraph
Afghanistan reacts mildly to scathing criticisms revealed by WikiLeaks -- L.A. Times
WikiLeaks: Karzai pardoned drug dealers -- AP
Karzai 'freed connected suspects' -- Press Association
Karzai's brother 'corrupt drugs baron' US says: WikiLeaks -- AFP
Karzai's brother corrupt drugs baron, WikiLeaks cables say -- RFI
WikiLeaks: Karzai's brother denies drug dealing, remembers Chicago -- CNN
WikiLeaks: Ahmed Wali Karzai wanted polygraph -- Washington Post
Karzai pardons criminals: WikiLeaks -- AFP
Kandahar kingpins at odds with Canada, U.S. over democracy: Wikileaks -- Winnipeg Free Press/Canadian Press
Pak captured Mulla Baradar to stop him from reconciling with Afghan govt: Wali Karzai -- Sify News
Karzai’s brother lobbied for role in Canada’s major aid project -- Globe And Mail
WikiLeaks' Afghan Revelations: Way Too Familiar -- Time Magazine
Kabul says US relations unaffected by diplomatic leaks -- AFP

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