Tuesday, November 30, 2010

World News Briefs -- November 30. 2010 (Evening Edition)

Interpol Issues ‘Red Notice’ For Arrest Of WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange -- Threat Level

The international police organization Interpol has issued a Red Notice for the arrest of WikiLeaks’ founder Julian Assange, in connection with a sex crime investigation in Sweden.

A Red Notice is kind of international wanted poster seeking the provisional arrest of a fugitive, with an eye towards extradition to the nation that issued the underlying arrest warrant. Interpol transmits the notices to its 188 member countries, though it has no authority to compel a subject’s arrest. Interpol issued 5,020 such notices last year for a variety of crimes.

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Iraq foils plot to bomb French embassy in Baghdad.

Egyptian election results a shutout for Islamists.

Iran nuclear talks back on, in Geneva next week.

Iran blames Israel, US in death of nuclear scientist.

Baghdad needs $100 billion for new homes: mayor.

Israel's eased blockade 'still crippling' Gaza.

Hezbollah hoping Syria, Saudi can defuse Lebanon tensions.

WikiLeaks disclosures undermine Egypt's role as neutral Mideast mediator.


US: China 'obligated' to press North Korea to end 'belligerence'.

US deploys carrier strike group, US Air Force to western Pacific. U.S. and South Korea balk at talks With North. Yeonpyeong attack uniting South Korean public around harsher policy toward North.

Now North Korea boasts advances in nuclear program.

Kyrgyzstan parliament agrees coalition government.

Suspected bomb explodes in Kyrgyzstan before Clinton visit.

Taiwan elections put pro-China party in lead for Presidency.

Bangladesh protesters and police clash in mass strike.


Nigeria summons Shell, Halliburton over graft cases.

Kenya calls US 'swamp of graft' cable 'malicious'.

Gadhafi lashes out at organizations at AU summit.

Congo army behind instability, smuggling: U.N.. DR Congo army denies UN report that rebels regrouping. UN says Congo armed groups forming criminal gangs.

US 'dismayed' by Egypt poll problems.

I.Coast fears fresh violence amid vote results.


Sweden braces for record freeze. Heavy snowfall closes roads in Spain, Portugal.

Medvedev warns West of new arms race.

Pro-West parties lead in Moldova, but impasse is likely to continue.

Four European states host US nuclear bombs, WikiLeaks reveals.

Russian president warns missile talks failure will provoke new arms race.

Euro zone periphery hammered as default fears rise.

British students protest again against fee hikes.

WikiLeaks: Duke of York's 'candid' attack on British Government.

Retired electrician astonishes art world by producing 271 works by Picasso never seen before.


Troops to occupy Brazilian slum through October.

Pentagon study: Gays could serve with no harm.

US escapes major hurricanes for 5th straight year.

Monitors say Haiti vote fraud not massive.

20 bodies found in northern Mexico mass grave.


Al Qaeda's sarcastic new American mouthpiece.

All US-bound airlines to get info for watch lists

Defense, friends say Ore. bomb plot suspect set up. Mohamed Mohamud, Portland bomber suspect: Young radical?

Al-Qaeda's Yemen affiliate widens search for recruits and targets.

Pakistan drone victim to sue US for $500m.


BofA may be next WikiLeaks target.

GM rolls out long-anticipated Chevrolet Volt plug-in hybrid.

Signs of a double dip? U.S. home prices fall 2%.

European interest rates soar; could it happen to us one day?

EU probes allegations of Google antitrust violations.

The disastrous consequences of a return to the Deutsche Mark.

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