Tuesday, December 28, 2010

An Analysis On The Euro Rescue Plan And What It Means For European Unity

As Ireland Flails, Europe Lurches Across the Rubicon -- Wall Street Journal

DEAUVILLE, France—On Oct. 18, Angela Merkel and Nicolas Sarkozy took a sunset stroll on the beach of this chic casino resort. Five months earlier, Europe had committed more than $100 billion to rescue Greece. Now the Continent's debt crisis was moving on to Ireland, and the German leader worried Berlin would have to foot the bill for this and future bailouts.

"Angela, I'm going to help you," the French president said, before they set out for the boardwalk. The air chilled, so Mr. Sarkozy ordered an aide to fetch Ms. Merkel's coat. The lights of the palatial casino flickered in the distance.

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My Comment: This is an excellent summary and analysis on how Europe and the Euro are in the situation that they are in today. But while the politicians and the elites have their priorities, the electorate is having second thoughts.

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