Thursday, January 20, 2011

Australian Soldiers In Afghanistan Are Warned Against Using Too Much Viagra

Australian soldiers in Afghanistan. Reuters

Troops Warned Against Using Too Much Viagra -- Daily Telegraph

AUSTRALIAN soldiers who are entitled to taxpayer-funded Viagra pills have been warned about the dangers of erectile dysfunction drugs and told they can have just four tablets a month.

Defence personnel, including those on active duty in places such as Afghanistan, have also been informed they must be medically assessed as suffering from sexual performance problems before the pills will be prescribed to them.

The Defence surgeon-general has issued a health bulletin in response to concerns about the possible over-use and over-prescribing of the drugs by military personnel.

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My Comment: I had to read this story twice to believe what I was reading. It makes you wonder what is happening with the Australian contingent in Afghanistan .... correction .... it is obvious on what they are doing with their Viagra allotment.

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