Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Britain To Scrap Much Of Its Armored Forces

Army's 400 Tanks May Be Cut To 50 -- The Telegraph

The Army is set to lose its ability to fight large scale tanks battles under radical plans being drawn up to slash its fleet of armoured vehicles.

The proposals have led senior officers to question whether it is “a risk too far” to axe more than 3,000 vehicles as part of government enforced cuts under the Strategic Defence and Security Review.

The proposed cuts mean that the country which invented the tank has signalled it is to surrender almost a century’s experience of fighting armoured warfare.

The move also means that the Ministry of Defence will once again throw away billions of pounds in equipment after flushing away £3.6 billion on the new Nimrod reconnaissance aircraft along with millions on axing aircraft carriers and Harrier jets.

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My Comment: From my outsiders point of view, it appears that no one cares on the consequences of these cuts anymore .... they are slashing programs for the sake of saving money .... and are still finding that it is not enough.

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