Monday, February 28, 2011

Afghanistan War News Updates -- February 28, 2011

US Repositions Troops in Eastern Afghanistan -- New York Times

KABUL, Afghanistan (AP) — The U.S. military will start carrying out more counterterrorism missions against insurgents in eastern Afghanistan and work more closely with Pakistani forces in operations against insurgents along the porous and rugged frontier, the U.S. general commanding the region said.

Maj. Gen. John Campbell, commander of NATO coalition forces in eastern Afghanistan, said he has been repositioning some of his troops since last August to make them more effective in the region that borders Pakistan. The area has seen an upsurge in violence and is a main route for insurgents infiltrating into Afghanistan from safe havens in Pakistan's lawless tribal regions.

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More News On Afghanistan

Four Nato troops killed in country-wide Afghan attacks -- BBC
Afghan attacks kill four NATO soldiers -- AFP
Afghan attacks kill four soldiers -- Press Association
Blasts kill 10 in Afghanistan -- L.A. Times
Afghan, coalition forces detain Taliban leader in Kandahar -- Dvids

Afghan gov't: NATO op killed 65 civilians -- AP
Afghan gov't investigators: 65 civilians killed in NATO operation earlier this month -- Canadian Press
Afghan probe accuses NATO of killing 65 civilians -- AFP
Afghan Team Says NATO Killed Civilians in Strikes -- New York Times
Afghan Probe Links NATO Strikes to 65 Civilian Deaths -- Voice of America

Afghan Legislators Pick Leader: Compromise Choice Ends a Stalemate
-- Wall Street Journal
Tourist from Toronto captured by Taliban in Afghanistan -- Toronto Star
Reaching Afghanistan's hidden war widows in Helmand -- BBC
Taliban claim to have captured Canadian -- CBC
Restrepo bears witness to Afghanistan war -- ABC News (Australia)
To Know You Is To Kill You -- Strategy Page
Some counter-spin on Afghanistan -- Stephen M. Walt, Foreign Policy
How the Taliban Lost Its Swagger -- Newsweek

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