Thursday, February 3, 2011

A U.S. - Canada Energy Alliance?

Map locating the Keystone oil pipeline from Alberta, Canada to the U.S.; includes proposed extension to Texas. Photograph by: TransCanada Corp., Los Angeles Times/MCT 2011

Keystone Pipeline Could End U.S. Oil Reliance On Mideast -- Vancouver Sun/Reuters

A proposed pipeline from Canada’s oilsands to refineries along the Gulf of Mexico would help “essentially eliminate” U.S. oil imports from the Middle East in a decade or two, according to a new study commissioned by the Department of Energy.

Oil deliveries from the $7 billion pipeline, combined with a projected drop in U.S. fuel demand, would potentially turn the United States into a net exporter of products like gasoline, jet fuel and diesel, said the report, called “Keystone XL Assessment.”

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My Comment: I have always argued that there is a lot of oil in the world .... the problem has always been politics. My prediction .... politics will also interfere in this project even though energy independence should be on the top of our national security agenda.

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