Monday, February 28, 2011

U.S. Prepares Military Options On Libya

U.S. Readies Military Options On Libya -- New York Times

WASHINGTON — The Defense Department has begun repositioning Navy warships to support possible action against Libya, as it accelerates planning on a range of options if asked by President Obama to intervene in the conflict there, officials said.

The Navy currently has an aircraft carrier strike group and an amphibious landing vessel, with Marines and helicopters, in the Red Sea.

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Update #1: Libya unrest: US repositioning forces in region -- BBC
Update #2: U.S dispatches aircraft carrier to waters near Libya -- McClatchy News

My Comment: The U.S. does not have the ground forces to make a difference in Libya .... but in the skies ... the U.S. can become a dominant player. But .... I doubt that the political will exists in White House to pursue an interventionist policy in Libya .... which in my opinion is a good thing.

But if Qaddafi should use chemical weapons or weapons of mass destruction .... then all bets are off.

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