Wednesday, March 30, 2011

China Is Nervous About North Korea

China Builds Higher Fences Over Fears Of Instability In North Korea -- The Telegraph

China is reinforcing fences and has stepped up patrols along its border with North Korea as fears mount of a catastrophic famine in the secretive Stalinist state.

Fences more than 13ft high, topped with barbed wire, are now being erected along an eight-mile stretch of the Yalu river around the Chinese city of Dandong. This is a popular escape point for North Korea refugees seeking food or better lives, Korea's Yonhap news agency reported.

"It's the first time such strong border fences are being erected here. Looks like it is related to the unstable situation in North Korea," a resident said of the work which began last November but is ongoing.

Previously the border was only marked by a 10ft-high fence which "anybody could cross if they really wanted", the resident added.

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My Comment: The Chinese have no illusions on what is happening in North Korea, and the last thing that they want is millions of North Korean refugees pouring into their northern provinces. From the Chinese perspective, continuous news reports like this one only reinforces their opinions.

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