Thursday, March 31, 2011

Civil War In Ivory Coast -- News Updates March 31, 2011

Ivory Coast Battle Nears Decisive Stage in Key City -- New York Times

DAKAR, Senegal — The battle for Ivory Coast’s presidency neared a decisive phase on Thursday as opposition forces reached the outskirts of Abidjan, the country’s commercial center, and the government’s army chief fled his post.

The army chief of staff, Gen. Phillippe Mangou, sought refuge for himself, his wife and five children in the home of the South African ambassador in Abidjan, the South African Department of International Relations said in a statement.

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More News On The Civil War In Ivory Coast

Ivory Coast: Ouattara forces surround Gbagbo in Abidjan -- BBC
Ivory Coast fighters descend upon main city -- Yahoo News/AP
Heavy weapons fire heard in central Abidjan -witnesses -- Reuters
France says Gbagbo must leave to avoid bloodbath -- Reuters
Ivory Coast's main city braced for war as opposition forces reach Abidjan outskirts -- The Telegraph
Ouattara says forces "at gates" of Ivory Coast's Abidjan
-- Yahoo News/Reuters
Outtara's Forces Reach Ivory Coast Capital -- NPR
Pro-Ouattara forces seize Ivory Coast capital -- MSNBC
End-Game in Ivory Coast: Gbagbo's Last Stand -- Time Magazine
In pictures: Ivory Coast showdown looms -- BBC

My Comment: It looks like this crisis/civil war is finally coming to a close.

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